CMR for DO 20s

Hello Do 20s

Most of you have your CMR (Clinical Medicine Review Month) in June. This is a month dedicated to study and completion of your COMLEX 2CE. But before you start this dedicated study, you must submit a plan to Dr. Poliquin and OASIS by April 15th for any test date in June. Failure to do so will result in CStarc meeting. More importantly if you don’t have a plan you risk failing this exam. We have examples of plans to help you see what others have done successfully in the past.

The plan has to have the date of your exam(s), and the date you will take your mandatory COMSAE and (if you are taking 2CK) NBME predictor exams. Remember that you must post a 500 on your COMSAE, two weeks before you have your exam date. If you do not have a COMSAE of at least 500, you will need to meet with CStarc who will determine if you can go ahead.

Here is an example of a good plan.

Getting Ready for your PE

Dear DO 20s

Tomorrow at our Information Session we will be joined by Dr. Meeks to give you insight and an overview into the COMLEX 2 PE. We have helpful resources in blackboard including the PE guide from California and some notes and explanations.

TUN highly recommends the use of both the “Kauffman COMLEX 2-PE Review Guide” (contains information specific to the Osteopathic approach) as well as the “First Aid for the USMLE Step 2-CE book” (contains better practice cases). Visit the Clinical Education folder in Blackboard.

Don’t forget to look on the NBOME website and read about the PE

Update on the AOA Match, Scramble and NRMP Main Match

Hello Student Doctors,

As you know we are now on our way to the NRMP match. Congratulations to the students who matched in the AOA match and to those that successfully scrambled. We are all so proud of you. Now combined with those DO 19s who matched in the military match, we are down the main event in three weeks ~ the NRMP MD match. Your Clin Ed Staff and TUN faculty will be supporting you throughout the few days of the SOAP in the Tang Center (March 11-14). Then on Friday the 15th, for anyone who now needs to scramble to open positions, we will be back in Active Aging. During the AOA scramble those rooms worked very well, but we knew we needed more room for the SOAP. We were able to reserve the whole Tang center for our SOAP event, which will allow students plenty of space to spread out. We will have TUN faculty again available to assist you and your SOAP buddies. Watch for upcoming reminders.

Reminder for DO 20s


From 1 to 3 on Thursday, November 29th, we have a mandatory information session in D-1309. For those of you taking your shelf earlier in the day, we wish you happy studying.

PA Nancy Lee and  DO 19 Abraham Ichinoe will present on International Rotations. We will update you on policies for December preceptor vacations and absence request forms. We will provide a Clinical Education Timeline. Note that the DO 20 dates have not been established yet for your match, but you can learn from the information we will provide about what the DO 19s will be doing. Have a great Thanksgiving! We look forward to your feedback.

Are you considering an International Clerkship?

Then come discover how Southern Nevada Health District can help protect you and us!

February 16, 2018 noon

D1309, Lecture Hall 1

TRAVEL VACCINES- What you need to know before visiting or traveling for clinical rotations outside of the United States

Light lunch and soda will be provided. First come, first -served