Update on the AOA Match, Scramble and NRMP Main Match

Hello Student Doctors,

As you know we are now on our way to the NRMP match. Congratulations to the students who matched in the AOA match and to those that successfully scrambled. We are all so proud of you. Now combined with those DO 19s who matched in the military match, we are down the main event in three weeks ~ the NRMP MD match. Your Clin Ed Staff and TUN faculty will be supporting you throughout the few days of the SOAP in the Tang Center (March 11-14). Then on Friday the 15th, for anyone who now needs to scramble to open positions, we will be back in Active Aging. During the AOA scramble those rooms worked very well, but we knew we needed more room for the SOAP. We were able to reserve the whole Tang center for our SOAP event, which will allow students plenty of space to spread out. We will have TUN faculty again available to assist you and your SOAP buddies. Watch for upcoming reminders.