Reminder for DO 20s


From 1 to 3 on Thursday, November 29th, we have a mandatory information session in D-1309. For those of you taking your shelf earlier in the day, we wish you happy studying.

PA Nancy Lee and  DO 19 Abraham Ichinoe will present on International Rotations. We will update you on policies for December preceptor vacations and absence request forms. We will provide a Clinical Education Timeline. Note that the DO 20 dates have not been established yet for your match, but you can learn from the information we will provide about what the DO 19s will be doing. Have a great Thanksgiving! We look forward to your feedback.

10 Residency Application Tips for Success

1. Submit as soon as ERAS opens
2. Complete as early as possible
3. Now is not the time to be cheap
4. Get an app that allows you to access ERAS website
5. Be prompt to respond to invites
6. Schedule interviews efficiently
7. Early on, accept all invites. Schedule interviews for later in the season for programs not on your top choice list
8. Consider a reward credit card
9. Schedule your top choice interviews in the middle of interview season

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Apply Smart for Residency

Applying to residency is a complex and time-consuming process. Learn how to gauge your strengths and level of competitiveness to apply strategically and improve your chances of a successful match.

Video courtesy from the AAMC website: